Frequently Asked Questions:

  1.     What is the 2022 PPOPCON?

2022 PPOPCON or Pinoy Pop Convention is a 2-day and 2-part event. This is the ultimate fan gathering and celebration of Filipino Pop or Pinoy Pop culture and music. The event will feature established and promising P-POP artists, various fan online and offline activities, and booths. PPOP Con aims to connect the fans with each other together with the artists and to build a strong global P-POP community.


  1.     When is the event happening?

The convention part is happening from April 9 to 10, 2022 (Sat-Sun) 10:00 AM. The concert will happen on April 10, 2022 (Sat) 7:00 PM.


  1.     Where can I watch the event?

2022 PPOPCON is a hybrid event. The convention part is going to be held at Monet Ballroom, Novotel Manila Araneta City. The concert is going to be held at Araneta Coliseum.


It will also be livestreamed through -------------------------/


  1.     Why are there two events? What’s the difference between convention and concert? What can we expect?

The convention will be filled with concessionaire and P-pop fanbases booths, games and raffle draws, and stage activities. The concert will be the culmination of the 2-day celebration.


  1.     What are the tickets available? Will there be 2 different ticketing?

The convention tickets is at P350/day while the concert has (-) different tiers:



  1.     Do you have an age limit for attendees?



  1.     Do I have to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 to be able to attend the physical event?

Yes. We will follow the IATF and venue guidelines.


  1.     Will there be safety and health protocols in the event?

Yes! We have a team for that and will be strictly observing the proper health protocols in the event. We will also require all attendees to bring their vaccine cards.


  1.     Will there be P-pop artists performing in the convention?

Yes! We have P-pop artists performing on the convention too!


  1.   Is there any close interactions between the fans and artists?

Unfortunately, not for now. We would like to protect all artists, crew, staff, and attendees healthy well-being.


  1.   Are there any contests for the fans?

Yes! We have different challenges for all of the P-pop fans! Follow all our social media accounts for the updates!


  1.   Will there be participating P-pop fanbases participating in the event?

Yes! Please visit our social media accounts to see who are the participating fanbases.


  1.   We have fan projects for our supported artists, who can we contact?

Kindly send your project proposals to ppopcon.fans@gmail.com for approval. We will keep in touch with you regarding the details and if it’s approved.


  1.   We are a P-pop fanbase and would like to join the event, what should we do?

Kindly send an email to ppopcon.fans@gmail.com for your interests. We will be coordinating with the fanbases already on board so we can connect all of you.


  1.   I am an exhibitor and would like to get a slot. What should I do?

Kindly fill out this link ------------------- and we will get back to you soon!