Experience the fun virtually through PPOPCON EXTRA! as we feature:
📍Remastered Concert with English subtitles
📍2-Day Pinoy Pop Convention Highlights
📍Rehearsal Clips & Exclusive Interviews
📍Never-Before-Seen Footages and more!

🗓 Videos will run from June 26 to July 3, 2022 only

🎟 Tickets will be on sale on June 8, 2022 (WED). Available at Ticketnet and ktx.ph


Ticketing Information

When is the start of ticket selling?
The start of Ticket selling will be on 8 June  2022, 12MN via ticketnet.com.ph and ktx.ph

What are the ticket prices?
Early Bird Rate - 550 (June 8 - 9 only)
Regular Ticket -  650

What is the maximum number of tickets per purchase transaction
Maximum of 5 tickets per transaction.

Can I pick my viewing date for the PPOPCON EXTRA?
You can pick your preferred date of the streaming. Links will be available from 10AM Philippine Time (PHT) of the chosen date until 10AM on the following day. For Eastern Standard Time (EST), 10PM to 10PM the following day. For Pacific Standard Time (PST), 1PM to 1PM the following day.

Can I change my viewing date?
No. Once the purchase is paid and done, changes for the viewing date is no longer possible

What are the modes of payment
For Online Purchases: Payment can be made via credit card and debit card (with Visa or Mastercard logo only)

Secure your ticket (s)
Only buy through our ticketing partners' official websites; ktx.ph and ticketnet.com.ph

Viewing Guide

How many devices can I use when watching?
Only one device can be logged in and be used while watching. When a second device is logged on/detected to be using the same link simultaneously, both devices will be logged out automatically.

When will this be available
Streaming will be available starting its premiering at 10AM PHT / 10PM EST / 1PM PST from June 26 until July 3. You can watch it whenever, wherever you want as long as it is still within the given dates.

Do I have to download any apps to watch?
No, viewers only need to open the link you are sending to them - no apps or downloads are needed. Viewers can open your private link in any browser. Links will not appear in Google Search results. Please note that you might not be able to use your ticket if the system detects multiple device use.

How do I watch the Livestream concert?
Just click the concert access link sent to your email and you will be redirected to KTX.PH or Ticketnet.com.ph screen to view the Livestream concert. 

What should I prepare when viewing the concert?

• Stable Internet Connection
• Make sure that VPN on proxy services and screen mirroring are turned off.
• System-supported browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
• If you want to cast the show onto your TV, use Google Chromecast or HDMI cable.

Can we record the Livestream concert? 
Strictly NO RECORDING of any and all parts of the Livestream concert.

Can we stream, distribute, or modify the Livestream concert
NO. You may be liable for civil and criminal liability of copyright violation for unauthorized/illegal distribution, streaming, and modification of any and all parts of the Livestream concert.

What else do I need to know about the Livestream viewing? 
Data usage may increase while viewing the Livestream.
Video resolution may change automatically depending on your network strength. The network connection of your device and access location will be the main factors for internet speed.
Video Resolution - Recommended Speed
HD1080p - 5Mbps
HD720p - 2.5Mbps
SD480p - 1.1Mbps
SD360p - 0.7Mbps

You may experience video and audio quality issues depending on the network connection, data usage, and any other external factors such as access location.
Please remember the copyright rules
No recording, distributing, or editing of any of the content. Legal actions will be taken once caught.

My question about the concert is not here, what should I do? 
Please email ppopconvention@gmail.com.
For ticketing concerns, you may contact your ticket provider info@ticketnet.com.ph for Ticketnet Online ask@ktx.ph for KTX.PH.