Ticketing Information

  • How much are the ticket prices for the concert? Is it reserved seating?

Ticket Tiers

Ticket Prices

VIP Standing


VIP Seated


Patron (reserved seats)


Lower Box (reserved seats)


Upper Box (reserved seats)


*Ticketing charges apply

  • Where can I purchase tickets?
    • You can purchase online via ticketnet.com.ph or you may visit any TicketNet outlet. List of outlets: ticketnet.com.ph/ticketoutlets/home
    • I’ve ordered tickets but haven’t received any order confirmation yet. Did my booking go through?
      • Please send an email to info@ticketnet.com.ph. with your purchase details.
    • Is my ticket transferable?
      • Yes, but tickets must be transferred responsibly. Only 1 person may use the ticket.
    • What is your refund policy? 
      • Once the purchase has been made to the ticketing site, It is already considered a valid purchase and cannot be refunded in any form. 
    • What are the modes of payment for the tickets?
      • For online tickets via ticketnet.com.ph
      • VISA / Mastercard credit / Debit cards

        NOTE: Payment channels may charge add-on fees.
    • Can I purchase my ticket onsite on the day of the event?
      • Yes, tickets can be purchased on the day of the event at any TicketNet outlet, but availability is not guaranteed.
    • Do you offer discounts (PWD, Student, or Senior Citizen discount)?
      • Student discounts are not honored for this event.
      • A 20% Senior Citizen / PWD discount will be honored provided that the Senior Citizen PWD is the one who will watch the actual event. This will only be available for outlet purchases as Senior Citizen / PWD ID must be presented by the Senior Citizen / PWD upon purchase.
    • ​​Someone is offering me to buy tickets from them? Is that okay?
      • Tickets purchased from unauthorized sellers may be fake or invalid. Buy tickets only from ticketnet.com.ph and authorized TicketNet Outlets.
      • The resale/scalping of tickets especially above the regular ticket price on The Araneta City property is strictly prohibited. Persons caught violating the anti-scalping ordinance shall be prosecuted in accordance with the law.